Meet Marilee Tolen RN

MarileeTolen-Keynote-123-2finalMarilee has been on the internet for over two decades and began marketing her professional work as a Holistic Nurse in the year 2000. She has created and marketed many online businesses and websites in the world of Natural Health and Wellness. These include an award winning website and newsletter “Home Spa Lady” and an online show “Green Tea with Marilee”, where she interviews experts and authors in Alternative Medicine, Integrative Health, and Consciousness Studies. Today Marilee is a nationally recognized EntrepreNURSE and a marketing expert. Since 2006 she has been educating and consulting to Health Care Professionals to help them market their practices online. She is author of “Eight Steps to Kick Start Your Practice” and is a contributing author to the recently acclaimed, award winning book Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life (Bartlett and Jones) writing the chapter on “Creative Financial Health”. She authors a popular column “Money As Energy”. Marilee was one of the first 25 nurses in the country to become Board Certified in Holistic Nursing. She is also Board Certified as a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach , a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, and a graduate of the four year Barbara Brennan Healing Science Program. She founded, and is former owner of, a physician-staffed Wellness Center offering Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging IV Therapies with Detoxification. Her own Holistic Nursing practice has included Energy Therapies and Clinical Aromatherapy for many years. Marilee has inspired Integrative Health Care Professionals to learn creative marketing strategies that increase the visibility of their services. These allow them to reach more people and become more profitable. She is a forerunner in advancing Integrative Health with online marketing.

A Nurse First!

marilee_speaking1-243x300Speaking both the language of medicine and healing…

Marilee is a Registered Nurse with a Board Certification in Holistic Nursing (Holistic Nursing is now a recognized nursing specialty through the American Nurses Association). She was among the first 25 nurses in the United States to become Board Certified in Holistic Nursing and today is a recognized leader in the field of Holistic Nursing. Her clinical background has been in Intensive Care with experience in cardiac care, neurology, shock and trauma, and pediatrics. Marilee has an extensive background in Alternative, Complementary, and Integrative Health Care.  She is a former owner and Director of a Physician-Staffed Wellness Center that offered primary care, IV therapies (chelation, vitamin/minerals, BioOxidative), Colon Hydrotherapy, Longevity and Anti-Aging approaches to health, including her private practice in Energy Medicine and Clinical Aromatherapy.

Marilee’s areas of expertise are:


  • Energy Medicine
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Longevity Lifestyle Medicine
  • Integrative Nurse Coaching

Energy Medicine dnastrandMarilee is a graduate of the four year Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science (Class of 1996), and is a Healing Touch Practitioner and Healing Touch Instructor (14 years).  She has traveled throughout the US and British Columbia teaching Healing Touch. Marilee has also had personal studies in The Science of Intuition with Caroline Myss PhD and Norm Shealy MD at the Holos Institute of Health at Norm Shealy’s ranch in Missouri. Marilee has interviewed the following experts and authors in Energy Medicine on her “Green Tea with Marilee” show:

  • Caroline Myss, PhD
  • James Oschman PhD
  • Sonia Choquette
  • Debbie Ford
  • Bernie Siegel MD
  • Thomas Moore, author – “Care of the Soul”


Holistic Nutrition

HolisticNutritionMarilee is a graduate of the School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health Studies at Drexel University with Christine Pirello (internationally-acclaimed authority on Whole Foods and PBS TV Series Star “Christina Cooks”, author of “This Crazy Vegan Life” and “Cooking the Whole Foods Way“) Other nutritional studies include training with:

  • Donna Gates, author “The Body Ecology Diet”  (Marilee makes AWESOME cultured veggies!) 2001
  • Denny Waxman, world-renowned Macrobiotic counselor, author of “The Great Life Diet” and founder of Strengthening Health Institute. Marilee completed the Strengthening Health Intensive. 2008
  • Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food Certification Program.  Marilee  completed the Level 1 Chef Certification (Raw Foods) 2009
  • Fordham-Page Clinic – post graduate study in Clinical Nutrition 1990
  • David Wolfe 2009/ 2010 /2011
  • Truth Calkins 2009/ 2010 /2011
  • Daniel Vitalis 2009/ 2010 /2011

She is a guest teacher at the Natural Kitchen Cooking School in New York City and Haddonfield New Jersey. Marilee has interviewed the following experts in Nutrition on her “Green Tea with Marilee” show:

  • Udo Erasmus – “Fats the Kill, Fats that Heal”
  • Kaayla Daniel, PhD – “The Whole Soy Story”
  • Ori Hofmekler – “The Anti-Estrogenic Diet”
  • Denny Waxman – “The Great Life Diet”
  • Sheri DeMaris – “Healthy Kids in the Kitchen”
  • Carolyn DeMarco – “Bone Building Solutions”
  • Tom Woloshyn – “The Complete Master Cleanse”
  • Christina Pirello – “Cooking Whole Foods for Health and Beauty”


Clinical Aromatherapy

FrankinsenseMarilee has 17 years experience in the use of Therapeutic Essential Oils for health and healing.  She has used the essential oils with her clients and has witnessed numerous “mini-miracles”.  Marilee believes that the plant kingdom is designed to help people heal and using essential oils (which are derived from plants) for many common ailments, disease processes, and preventative natural medicine, is one of the most effective and empowering practices people can do today for high level wellness.  Marilee teaches people how to use the oils and uses her nursing and professional aromatherapy experience to help people choose what oils they need for certain concerns.  Marilee also teaches health care professionals how to use therapeutic essential oils in their practice. Marilee is currently completing the last phase of her Clinical Aromatherapy certification through the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy (ISHA), an internationally recognized educational program on the cutting edge of this growing industry.  She has also studied with Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils for the past 14 years which includes Raindrop Therapy and Emotional Release work.  Marilee traveled to Egypt with a select Young Living group to “recreate” the Frankincense trail for a filming of an educational documentary on the amazing healing benefits of Frankincense essential oil.  Marilee also studied the Jane Buckle Clinical Aromatherapy Home Study Course in 1999. For many years Marilee traveled as a company trainer for Young Living in cities all throughout the country.  She also specializes in training and support for people who are interested in building businesses as Independent Distributors.  She works with many Wellness Professionals who want to bring Young Living into their businesses as another modality for their clients and another income stream for their business.  She has worked with solo business owners and salons and spas.  Marilee currently has an organization of over 2300 distributors from all over the world.   Marilee has interviewed the following experts in Aromatherapy and Essential Oils on her “Green Tea with Marilee” show:

  • Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff – “Realizing Love through Essential Oils and Cleansing”
  • Dr. Edward Close and Jacqui Close – “Saving Health and Home from Toxic Mold – with Essential Oils”
  • Linda Smith – “Sacred Healing, Sacred Beauty. . . Annointing with Essential Oils”, “Essential Oils and Energy Work”
  • Dr. David Stewart – ” Essential Oil Chemistry Made Simple”
  • Dr. Joan Barice – “The Doctor Who Dropped from the Sky” – on Essential Oils
  • Nida Gonzales – “Aromatherapy in Nursing Homes”


Integrative Nurse Coaching

two_women_talking1-300x224Marilee is on the ground floor of an emerging integrative health model which is designed to provide people who are seeking help in using conventional medical treatments along with integrative strategies to supplement their health and wellness care.  She is among the first groups of nurses to complete the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Program (under the direction of Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN and Susan Luck, RN) and she has received her Certification as a Nurse Coach with the credential of ‘Health and Wellness Nurse Coach – Board Certified.  Marilee’s weaves her expertise in Health and Wellness Nurse Coaching throughout her many services which include Marketing Coaching to Health and Wellness Professionals for their own businesses.  Marilee has interviewed the following experts in Medicine, Health Care and Nursing on her “Green Tea with Marilee” show:

  • Robert Nash MD – author, “Common Sense Medicine”
  • Barbara Dossey PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN – “Holistic Nursing”
  • Lucia Thornton RN, MSN, AHN-BC – “Being A Holistic Nurse”
  • Chris Jackson PhD, RN – “Self-Care for Nurses”

old-coupleLongevity Lifestyle Medicine

  • Marilee is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has been personally and professionally practicing the most progressive natural approaches to wellness and anti-aging.
  • Marilee has interviewed the following experts in Lifestyle Medicine on her “Green Tea with Marilee” show:
    • Karilee Shames PhD, RN – author “Thyroid Power”
    • Susun Weed – “Menopause the Wild Woman Way”
    • Maureen Drummond – “Hesitate to Vaccinate?”
    • Susan Silberstein PhD – “Life-Saving Secrets Most Doctors Don’t Know About Breast Cancer”
    • JoAnne White PhD – “Creative Aging”
    • Philip Getson MD – “Breast Thermography for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
    • John Roeder DMD – “Learn About Holistic Dentistry”
    • Freya Koss and Attorney Charlie Brown – “The Dangers of Silver in Your  Mouth”
    • Robert Nash, MD – “Health Effects of Toxic Metals and How to Remove Them from Your Body”
    • Donald Robbins DMD – “The Toxic Dental Office”
    • Harville Hendricks – “Getting the Love You Want” for Couples
    • Leo Babauta – “The Power of Less”
    • Dr. Jonathan Cohen “How to Awaken Your Man. . for More Balance, Passion, and Power in Your Relationship”
    • John Perkins – “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

GTWM-withPrinA Little Personal Stuff About Marilee

On a personal note, Marilee is:

  • a passionate Dog Mom (of Prin and Pepper)
  • a foodie who COULD stay in the kitchen ALL DAY
  • a yogini (she LOVES Bikram!)
  • determined to be healthier and more vibrant each and every day
  • PASSIONATE about helping YOU to achieve your health , wellness, and wealth goals so you can “Make the rest of your life the BEST of your life!”
  • currently lives in Southern New Jersey (outside of Philadelphia)