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mt-magenta Do you feel like you are ready to “Burst” because you want to share your passionate message, service, or product – but you don’t know where to start?
mt-magenta Is your Passion nudging you to take the next step into manifesting your Dreams into Reality so you can do what you love and make money from it?
mt-magenta Do you find yourself thinking more often about your ‘calling’  and making a business of it so it can sustain you and allow you to help more people?
mt-magenta Is time flying by and you feel the need to ‘do this thing’ NOW!?
mt-magenta Are you holding down the URGE to make a business out of your passion because:

  •      you don’t believe you can do it?
  •      you feel like you don’t know enough ‘technology’?
  •      you have financial fears?
  •      feel like you are too old?
  •      everyone else is doing it so why should you???

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions ………
……you need to be on this FREE LIVESTREAM!


Here are some of the things that you will learn: 

Part One:  Illuminate Your Path

On Livestream Part One Marilee covers:

  • Finding the Light Within You ~
    • how to tap into and access your soul’s purpose
  • Identifying the most important thing that “sparks’ what you do
  • SEE where you are going and the choices you have
  • Shining the light on the BEST decision for you
  • Ways to create an ACTION plan for the path you have chosen


Part Two: Journey from Passion to Packaged
April 16th

On Livestream Part Two Marilee will cover:

  • Ideas on how to package your services or offerings
  • Info product possibilities (ebooks, ecourses, etc)
  • Resources where you can get them ‘all prettied up’ and looking like a ‘real book’ or a ‘real set of CDs”
  • Step by Step Process to Let People Know About What You Are Doing
  • 5 Ways to Market the Heck out of your Packaged Passion!
  • How to Turn it All Into CASH


Sponsored by Marilee Tolen and the RISE and Shine Online Event!