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A Super Successful Practice or Business of Your Dreams, and the Lifestyle it Supports, is NOT Out of Your Reach!

In fact, it’s more possible and easily accessible today than it has been ever!

YOU CAN become Fully Empowered with skills, tools, know-how, and resources to leverage yourself and your materials using a proven system that involves YOUR  AUTHENTIC  SELF and EDUCATION BASED MARKETING STRATEGIES to help more people and make more money!

Learn online marketing strategies to make your ‘offline ‘ life better!

class-full You probably went into your profession because you LOVE people and you want to help them, and you care so much that your decision was not based on dollar amounts, but more on the fulfillment it can give you. As you developed your practice and business you may have found that it is not supporting you financially as much as you would like or need – and the only way you can see growth is by adding on the numbers of hours that you are working – which seems like ALOT because you are already working so hard. I’ve been there – working in the ‘dollars for hours’ model – which is what we learn to do when we start our practices. And we love our work so much – and we want to help even more people – but we feel like we are stuck because ‘there are only so many hours in a day”.   And then where does the time and resources come in to grow further and even bring our work online? You see your colleagues THRIVING with their practices, businesses, and now online offerings………..and you wonder……. “how are they doing it?”  And think “that is out of my reach – I could never do that – I wouldn’t know where to begin and who to get to help me”. You know you want this to turn around but its not going to turn around on its own. Years ago I knew there was a way to get up and out of the ‘old model’ of dollars for hours of doing business and I had a sense that using the internet to reach more people, do more of my good work, and even make more money was a strong possibility.  So I took the chance and invested many years of study and working with experts who had the ‘system’ down. There were times I didn’t know what I was doing (when I was ‘going it alone’)! Now, for me, this system is working amazingly well – and I’m thrilled to be teaching, coaching, training, and mentoring others in this NEW WORLD and MODEL of DOING BUSINESS! It’s a reality now, not only for myself, but for the many people I’ve been coaching and mentoring over these years. Much of this was proven recently on stage recently at the SOLD-OUT RISE Event where 6 of my clients on a Success Panel shared their own personal journey of where they have been (struggling just like you) to how they have come UP and OUT of the old model and are moving forward successfully.

The RISE Event 2013

You see, we are all meant to prosper – even those of us who love to help other people.  It’s NOT about giving our services away for free or very little money – its about giving other people the privilege to exchange energy with us for our services – in the form of money ~  or some other commodity that has value. Do you know that when we don’t charge others for our services we are actually ‘disempowering’ them? I am still amazed at how many – mostly women – healers, nurses, coaches, etc……don’t charge for their services – and their own self care, and sometimes their family’s care – suffer because of it. Rx:  Mindset Shift and Several Other Things that can help you (that you can read about below)!

Who Am I to tell you this???


I’m Marilee Tolen RN and my purpose is all about helping to EMPOWER YOU to flourish and prosper in your practice or business of helping other people – so you can reach MORE PEOPLE, get MORE CLIENTS, and help MORE PEOPLE. bullet_tickClinical Background in Intensive Care Nursing with a PASSION for helping people bullet_tickOne of the first 25 nurses in the country to become Board Certified in Holistic Nursing bullet_tickYears of experience in my own businesses and practice including owning and directing my own Physician Staffed Wellness Center bullet_tickHave been online for over 12 years with several websites and online undertakings including building a list of 9000+ subscribers to my award winning newsletter “Home Spa Lady’s Tips of the Week” and ‘Green Tea with Marilee’ show offerings bullet_tickCo-author of “Invitation to Holistic Health” (American Holistic Nurses Association publications) writing the chapter on Financial Health bullet_tickTrained, mentored, and coached numerous health care professionals in the Integrative Holistic Health arenas bullet_tickSought after speaker and teacher on the topic of Marketing for Health Care Professionals bullet_tickHeld my own highly successful in person workshops on Online Video and Internet Marketing bullet_tickRecently held a Sold Out Workshop that attracted entrepreneurs in the Health and Wellness industry! bullet_tickAn EntrepreNURSE with several businesses and a passion to teach others how it can be done!

 When I discovered the Proven Successful Formula, I learned that now, it didn’t have to be so hard! 

And now……..I’m so excited to share it with you!!

I’ve coached one-on-one, and have done countless online trainings……..and still have people asking and wanting more.

I wanted to do something in which I can offer the best of both of these worlds – something that is tremendously effective!

Enter…………..the MPower Mastermind Program!

Napolean Hill, who made a lifelong study of what makes people highly successful, found there was ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR in folks who he studied (Like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln)…..and that was they all belong to Mastermind groups!

Mastermind: “a coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.  This form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great success.” 

The MPower Mastermind Program was designed with YOUR SUCCESS in mind! 

And what makes this Mastermind Unique is that it comes with trainings and one on one coaching time with Marilee! 


What’s included in the MPower Mastermind?


I’ve designed this Mastermind with you in mind – and to take you in the next 6 months from feeling frustrated and not knowing what, or how, to do what it takes to accomplish your goals………. to the place where you can move forward with ease into 2014 with a strong presence, and focused implementation of your specific plans!

bullet_arrowYour Own Personal Magical Marketing Map


This Marketing Map will allow you to hold the ‘Formula’ in your hand!….which, when implemented, will flow and work so well – it will feel like its really magic taking place!

Each person will receive their own copy and worksheet to work with this throughout the program.

bullet_arrowTwo Monthly Calls (12 Total)


Twice a month we will be together in a group call for training calls and group laser coaching with Q & A. Your training calls will be focused on a marketing topic that follows along with the Magical Marketing Map – the step by step process is the Core Curriculum of the MPower Mastermind.  These step by step processes will build on the month before so you can easily stay on track with where you are going – and the encouragement to keep you implementing continuously Your Group Laser Coaching with Q & A will allow you to get your most pressing questions answered along with offering some members to be ‘spotlighted’ – which gives great opportunity for feedback, and where the true Masterminding takes form. These processes are designed to help you move forward with the skills and tools you need and the encouragement from your fellow participants to give you that ‘gentle nudge’ for implementing ongoing.

bullet_arrowPrivate One Hour Sessions with Marilee marileeOnPhone-edit Every other month you will receive a private one on one hour session with Marilee to allow you the 1-on-1 coaching and support you need to make those BIG decisions and goals for yourself – and the feeling of confidence that you can achieve them!    
bullet_arrowTwo Day LIVE and IN PERSON Retreat! hotelMLThis live, in-person, group meeting will allow Masterminding at its best! Priceless hours of group process with other members and direct training and marketing strategies with Marilee will give you the ‘upleveling’ that you will want mid-way in this 6 month program – with concrete, actionable ‘next steps’ to keep you moving forward. Your meetings will include lunch and a VIP reception of wine and hors d’oeuvres.
bullet_arrowOnline Basics Training Two Part Training Programonline-basics This highly valued online basics training program is a very important foundational step to get you grounded and help you to understand the BIG PICTURE of how you can move forward.  It is suggested that you take this training at the beginning of the program.  
bullet_arrowHow to Turn Your Expertise into an Ebook Two Part Training Program how-ebook   Most of Marilee’s students and clients have BIG messages they want to share with the world!  And in today’s information climate – the written word in E-Book format is becoming the most popular way for people to get their messages out there and for people to consume.  This training is superb for you to learn how to get comfortable with your writing and actually help you picture for yourself, and make it real, that…


bullet_arrowYour Own MPower Mastermind Accountability Partner


You will be encouraged to attain an Accountability Partner so that you can help each other move forward, implement, stay inspired, and make progress.

Your Own Face book Forum – will keep you connected with everyone 24/7!


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bullet_arrowSUPER BONUS!


Full Tuition at NO CHARGE to My 2014 live RISE Workshop


You will receive a free ticket to my 2014 RISE Event !  This year the 3 day program was SOLD OUT and by becoming a MPower Mastermind Member you will ensure your seat to this popular event!


Questions?  We’re happy to help.  Email us at customercare@marileetolen.com