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Women on the RISE!

ATTN: Women Entrepreneurs Who Want to Bring their Message to the Masses, Make a Difference, and Make More Money with Online Marketing, Video Magic, and More!

(Wellness Professionals and Service Providers - Nurses, Coaches, Healers, Physicians, Body Workers, Holistic Health Counselors, Yoga Teachers, Network Marketers, Aromatherapists, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and
Helpers to the World!)

"Learn Step-by-Step Marketing Systems that include Simple Online Video so You Can Authentically Bring Your Message to the Masses, Make a Difference, and Make More Money!"


Give Me Just 3 Days and I will teach you my Step-by-Step Marketing Systems along with 'Simple and Easy to Use Online Video Strategies' so you can Genuinely Bring Your Gifts and Messages to the Masses. You will learn how this system becomes a process in which you can finally come out from the shadows and experience the Self Growth, Self Love, and Courage you need to Shine Online! you can Reach More People, Get More Clients, and Make More Money!

Lights, Camera, Action - RISE!

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If you are a health professional, healing arts practitioner, or other wellness entrepreneur with your own practice, business, or organization……and are just getting started on your path or have been on this journey for awhile, you need to learn this New Marketing Model that is education-based and ‘non-sales-y’ – that will help you get your messages out there authentically and strategically, and includes the most effective online tool today – video! You will learn your basic marketing systems PLUS how to use easy online video for promotion or education.  You will create a custom plan designed for you, your desires, your destiny, and your financial goals. I will teach you exactly what you need to finally come out from the shadows and get the courage you need to Shine Online so you can feel great about authentically marketing to reach more people, get more clients, and make more money!


 Its Time to

Definitions:  Rise  – increase in influence, rank, power, and fortune ‘appear above the horizon’
Shine  – give out a bright light, glowing aura



From: Marilee Tolen RN
Your Host, Trainer, Mentor, and Coach
New Jersey, USA


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Before I get to the primary reason for this letter, I want to ‘Shine the Light’ on something very important that you may not realize:

YOU are part of a MOVEMENT today that is about to explode ……and what you are about to read here on this page is URGENT.

You know that I’m about to tell you about some sort of a ‘marketing program’  and you might be tempted to dismiss it, but I ask you to read further because it is
it is probably more important than you realize …..

Here is where I’ll start:
I have a sense that you have a ‘nudging’ inside of you to bring your work out to the world – to come out from behind the shadows and let your light shine… and for the world to see you, who you are, and the amazing work you do.  This MOVEMENT is calling you.  Its calling many of us.

You already know that your healing gifts are remarkable and you’ve had such great results with your work that you can hardly contain yourself, and you no longer want to contain it!  You no longer want to hold back and  ‘play small’!  You are now ready to  ‘share it with the world’ so you can:

mt-magentahelp more people

mt-magentamake a good living doing the work you love

mt-magentafulfill your soul’s calling



See if you connect to any of these:

mt-magenta you don’t know where to start

mt-magenta this whole ‘marketing’ thing freaks you out and you wish you didn’t have to deal with it

mt-magenta you have so many things you offer you don’t know which one to choose

mt-magenta you feel like you are not ‘good enough’ so you want to ‘hide from the online world’ so no one will notice

mt-magenta you see that so many other people are already doing what you do  why even bother?

mt-magenta you are intimidated by what other people are doing online and think you could never operate in that league

mt-magenta you don’t want to be associated with ‘marketing and sales’ because you are a health professional and it might take you away from your skills

mt-magentayou get jealous and  judge people for having money and success, and that makes you feel even worse about yourself

mt-magenta you are afraid to commit to ‘jumping in the game’ because you might not like it and you don’t want to lose an investment

mt-magenta you’ve already put up a website and it is just sitting here costing you money –  and you don’t think it has helped you one bit

mt-magenta you want to do this so badly but you have a family and a home and a lot to take care of and you don’t know if you could do it all

mt-magenta you lay awake at night thinking about your retirement and how you would like to work online from home on your own terms, but you feel like you are too old and tired to pull it off

mt-magenta you just plain-out feel like you can’t do this!



A successful practice, business, or program to bring your gifts out to the world, using online marketing with video, is easier than you think!

In fact, your passion, and the pure intention behind your work, shine through video so authentically that it is just as powerful as you having a personal conversation with each person you want to ‘touch’ in the world.


This NEW MODEL I’m about to tell you about has

Your Authentic Self!

that is easyjpg

I know from the bottom of my heart you can do this!  Because all you have to do is be yourself and follow a plan.

I know this because I’ve done it, and I’m doing it now.


Here are the 4 main things that I have done, and that you must do for you, so you can follow your dreams of sharing your gifts with the world and reaping amazing benefits:

1 – Be Yourself
2 – Take Action, and keep it going
3 – Have a marketing plan based on a proven model
4 – Work with leaders, mentors, and coaches who have paved the way for you

So let me tell you about this ‘Urgency’ and why I want you to read further about this curriculum I’m about to offer you~

I transitioned my own Holistic Nursing and Healing work to the internet over 12 years ago and I’ve been mentoring and coaching people in this industry for more than half of those years – and I’ve noticed a trend, that is now picking up speed, and it relates to  YOU.

This trend is about the gazillion people who are seeking and searching the internet for solutions to their problems, especially in the area of health and wellness – often outside of the conventional medical arenas.  YOU, MY HOLISTIC FRIENDS AND WELLNESS PARTNERS, have, and ARE, the solutions to their problems.

With this you have an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY.
Listen up – YOU CAN have the business and life of your dreams by helping more people and making more money.

There are people who want you, need you, are looking for you, and have money to pay you.  

All you have to do is put yourself out there and let them know that you, and your services or products, exist. That happens by marketing successfully with a proven model.

And for that, YOU NEED TRAINING. 

If you haven’t yet noticed, there is a HUGE TREND taking place among people who are seeking solutions on the web. They are looking for YOU!



So here is why I’m holding this 3 Day Live Event called “Rise and Shine Online!”
April 28-30, 2014

The RISE Event 2013 RISE 2013 – Over 65 Participants!

I live a ‘purpose-driven’ life.  I make decisions based on my soul’s calling, and usually always follow that inner voice.  It often doesn’t make sense in the moment of my decision, but I follow it anyway, and it never fails to show me later the reason why I was guided in a certain direction. Now, I trust it fully.

Over 12 years ago I followed my guidance and brought my holistic nursing and healing work to the internet to help more people.  What eventually happened after my online marketing skills sharpened and I had tons of success, I made another ‘soulful’ decision – so I could have even a farther reach to help people in need. I decided to train, mentor, and coach other healthcare professionals and practitioners – my colleagues and industry cohorts – to market so that THEY can help more people.  And together we can have a collective impact in helping people  – and also to help elevate our profession.

The bottom line:

I want to EMPOWER YOU to get your work out there – to help you help more people and to make more money!

I want to help ELEVATE our profession and industry, and to contribute to the healing of our roots so we can all go to the next level!

I want to create a SPACE (in the market) for all of us to move into, one that hasn’t yet existed, but is necessary, in this new paradigm and emerging model!

 image012So, because of this, I decided to consolidate and put together all of my Success Systems, Practices, Formulas, Step by Steps…and even mindset and lifestyle thingys (which are really important!) and make it all available in 3 compact days – and in an environment for learning implementation, and fun!!

So….drum roll please!!!

I want you to JOIN ME and embrace this MOVEMENT and grab this OPPORTUNITY!


I’m officially announcing

“The RISE and Shine Online Event”!




This event is going to be a sensational and inspirational experience!


Here is some of what you will experience and walk away with from this event (see full Modules below):

You will:

mt-magentaLook at your true passion, purpose, and Big Picture to see how and where you fit in

mt-magentaGet Clear on what you can offer without having to push aside all the gifts and passions you have

mt-magentaLearn a Step-by-Step, Laid out for YOU, marketing plan you can easily follow and use when you go home

mt-magentaLearn to confront some of your Self Esteem and Self Worth issues that may be holding you back from success

mt-magentaShift your mindset from ‘having sessions’ with your clients to ‘creating packages’ – so you can serve them better and make more money

mt-magentaLearn to integrate all the moving parts to your business and not just put things together ‘piece-meal’

mt-magentaLearn to decide when to charge a ‘fee’ and when to go ‘free’

mt-magentaLearn how to use Online Video to catapult your messages out there!

mt-magentaHave FABULOUS FUN!  with the music and entertainment that will be provided!




So…you may be wondering



Over the past several years I have so enjoyed offering my marketing training, classes, and webinars to so many professionals. Not only am I living proof that these strategies and systems work but I also know the health and wellness industry like the back of my hand – so I already know so much about YOUR CHALLENGES – in both the health industry and  marketing – because I have been where you are too! >Okay – I’m just going to say it.  I don’t mean to “blow my own horn” BUT I feel that I am the perfect person to be delivering this to you.


Let me open my heart to you for a minute – and be a little vulnerable …

…and share my challenging road with you regarding MY PURPOSE (which ultimately has to do with YOU!)…

First off. . .


I can remember the days when I use to type on a typewriter. I specifically remember typing my Resume for my work as a Nurse Educator and I consistently had this listed as my ‘OBJECTIVE’…OBJECTIVE: To share information about health and healing options so people can be more in control of their own health. Through all of my years as an ‘EntrepreNURSE’ (my term for my ‘entrepreneurial spirit as a nurse!) whether it was my Clinical Work in Intensive Care, or through my Board Certifications as a Holistic Nurse, my private practice in Energy Medicine and Aromatherapy, or operating my physician staffed Wellness Center – that ‘objective’ was always with me!! It has been my purpose!

Enter the Era of the Internet

When I first started to study internet marketing to learn ways to get my information out into the world and to build up my own practice and business, I NEVER HAD A NOTION TO TEACH ANYONE THIS INFORMATION. I was STRICTLY about getting my own work out there.

But something started to happen. My many colleagues, cohorts, and friends started asking me what I was doing and how I was doing it.

I started to answer requests to speak at conferences and live events.

I noticed a trend in my industry among independent (or independent wanna-be’s) health and healing experts – nurses, healers, coaches, aromatherapists, body workers, etc.  I noticed that they, too, want to ‘Share their Care’ online and create several income streams with their knowledge and expertise.

I was pulled in the direction of teaching online marketing to ‘fulfill the need’ I saw (like any good nurse would do!)

Suddenly I was caught in a dilemma…”Which way should I go with my work? Stay in my own nursing practice and only use my marketing expertise for myself? Or share and teach what I know about marketing to other people in my industry – so THEY can get THEIR work out there?” “Oh geez! I’m being called to do ‘this work’ over here…. but I’m very passionate about, and have a full history of doing ‘that work’ over there!!!” (I know many of you can relate to ‘not being able to choose what part of your work to offer because you love so many things and so many groups of people!… and btw – I’m really good at helping people with this! There is a certain formula that I use to help people break those blocks, make those decisions, and catapult forward).

So this is what I did with my dilemma – and its the best thing to do to get out of ‘being stuck’ … I took a BIG STEP BACK and re-visited my purpose – and I remembered my Objective:  To share information about health and healing options so people can be more in control of their own health.

And I had an ah-ha moment!

It became clear to me that if I trained and coached other professionals in my industry the same marketing strategies and techniques that I do – and the mindset and ‘independent lifestyle that I have…..then I could stay true to my ‘objective’ (purpose) and go well beyond my own capacity to help people.

In other words – my impact would be much greater than just doing it for myself. And if I can help them put strategies in place so they can get PAID WHAT THEY ARE WORTH – then that is the icing on the cake!

And this my friends IS MY PURPOSE – to help YOU get YOUR MESSAGES and WORK out in the world.

This is what fuels me everyday – to help YOU discover your true passion around the work you do, to package it, market it, and make great money from it ALL THE WHILE helping more and more people.







So what exactly is The RISE and Shine Online Event? 

The RISE and Shine Online Event Event is a 3 day In Person workshop that will inspire, educate, motivate, train, and walk you through a process that will help you:

  • Develop the necessary mindset to make the money you deserve
  • Run a business from wherever you are
  • Live your passion by sharing with more people
  • Leverage yourself to make more money and create more time
  • Create multiple streams of income
  • Learn to do easy online video and catapult your messages out there
  • Further your education even more
  • Give back to causes you believe in

If you want the Lifestyle you Choose and the Business of Your Dreams by Helping More People, Making More Money, Creating More Time…….then you need to do things in a Certain Way.  That’s what you will learn in the workshop.
In just three days you will learn:




mt-magentaLearn to bring Your Purpose into the BIG Picture so that you don’t view marketing as separate from what you are doing in your practice (and that part of you that despises marketing will turn around!)

mt-magentaLet’s start by looking at the BIG PICTURE and see how this Whole Marketing Model and System works, including  the Step-by-Step Processes that you will be learning in these 3 days!

mt-magentaReaffirm your passion, align it with your purpose, and see how it fits into the Big Picture for your profits

mt-magentaLearn to bring Your Purpose into the BIG Picture so that you don’t view marketing as separate from what you are doing in your practice

mt-magentaDiscover your Inner Entrepreneur by connecting with your purpose and desire to turn your gifts into a marketable practice or business

mt-magentaFigure out which of your many passions and modalities to build your business around – so you don’t have to live in a constant state of confusion (which ultimately holds you back from getting started or moving forward!)



mt-magentaThe  critical step of addressing self-image before diving into your marketing efforts

mt-magentaLearn the process most entrepreneurs go through personally with their Self Esteem, Confidence, Self-worth and Self-Love

mt-magentaThe #1 thing that successful entrepreneurs ABSOLUTELY MUST DO before they implement any business strategies or marketing.

mt-magentaTools, techniques, and experiential exercises to break through blocks and barriers to help you love yourself enough to overcome the fear of ‘putting yourself out there’!



This Module Alone will make your entire investment in this program worthwhile.

mt-magenta Begin by shifting your mindset from into a new model of offering your services

mt-magenta Learn to move from the ‘dollars for hours’ model to leveraging yourself and your work in a way you never thought possible

mt-magenta Use examples and templates to name, create, and price your packages in an experiential exercise

mt-magenta Sample packages and templates will make this easy for you to put in place



mt-magentaFind out about the dangers of ‘piece-meal-ing’ your marketing efforts (newsletters, blogs, websites, social media, etc) and how you may be working on these ‘randomly’ without a system in place – which will get you no where but wasting time and not making money

mt-magentaLearn about the importance of putting all the puzzle pieces together with a proven Step by Step process that will get FAST and LASTING results

mt-magentaHow to take your story and connect it to your marketing message so you can authentically bring your work out to the world

mt-magentaLearn the ‘education based marketing model’ which is very different than ‘pitching a product’



mt-magenta How to construct your offer in a way that sounds resourceful and not like selling

mt-magenta Where to put the offer of your services and packages into your presentations and teachings

mt-magenta Identifying your ‘inner messages’ about putting the offer of your services into your trainings, speaking, and education

mt-magenta How to overcome the obsession of focusing only on the ‘art, skill, and service’ of your work and the fear of offering your services and packages

Module 6 – MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY … mod6b


mt-magentaIdentify your beliefs about money and overcome the blocks to receiving LOTS of it!

mt-magentaHow to ‘feel’ you deserve more than what you are charging

mt-magentaWhen to give stuff away for free and when to charge

mt-magentaHow to make more money than the money you ‘feel’ you deserve

mt-magentaLearn your ‘financial funnel system’ so your practice or business can be ‘in the flow’



mt-magentaLearn 7 Ways to Use Online Video to Promote Your Business or Practice

mt-magentaLearn how to use video to educate your students, clients, prospects, distributors and others

mt-magentaHow video can position you as the authority in your industry

mt-magentaLearn how using online video can get you ranked higher in search engines

mt-magentaHow you can use online video to deepen your relationship with your prospects online

mt-magentaScripts and templates so you can fill in the blank and know exactly what to say for different types of video



mt-magentaDIY: What the best equipment is needed for online video

mt-magentaHow to create a You Tube channel and upload videos

mt-magentaWhat software can help you teach online by using video/p>

mt-magentaBest conditions and lighting to use for your videos

mt-magentaMakeup and hair tricks to have you look great on video

mt-magentaVideo Lab: Experiential exercises shooting your own videos




mt-magentaLearn energy principles that will help you dazzle your video viewers and allure them to your website

mt-magentaElevate your frequency with these energy tips so you can engage your viewers

mt-magentaLearn ‘grounding’ techniques to overcome your fear and anxiety about being recorded

mt-magentaHow to work with your ‘aura’ to help you come across ‘vibrant’ on video

mt-magentaPick your favorite script and shoot!

Marilee Tolen reserves the right to adjust the position of the Modules and their content!





Complimentary for all RISE Attendees
Open to the Public

Join us for a fun and entertaining night of upbeat live musical entertainment with stylish fashion for women (of every type!)

Beautiful models will dance and sing on the runway and have you jumping in your seats and singing along.

This event is open to the public for a slight fee ($20) but is a complimentary bonus for all RISE attendees.

You might even recognize some of the models on the runway!

April 29, 2014 at 7 PM Location:  Hotel ML 915 Rte. 73 Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054
Portion of the proceeds go to the MJ Tolen Scholarship Fund at Samaritan Healthcare and Hospice

Fashion show included with your RISE Ticket Want to bring some outside guests just to see the Fashion Show? It is only$20  for outside attendees!

Click Here for Outside Guests to Get Their
$20 Admission Ticket

(SHOWTIME!  This event will be held in the evening on Day Two of the event – Tuesday evening April 29th)

Are You Ready to RISE and Shine Online?
April 28-30, 2014


Here are your two opportunities explained!!


ticket#1 – General Admission Ticket

This ticket option gets you full access to three full high-content days of easy online marketing systems, visibility and vitality-boosting secrets, INCLUDING lots of scripts, templates, checklists and step-by-step strategies to begin enjoying the successful and sustainable business that you crave AND admission into a Rockin’ Most Unforgettable Musical Talent Show!  

Join an informal gathering in the lounge on Sunday evening  for a “Meet and Greet” where you can get a complimentary drink of your choice of either a ‘Tequila SunRISE’ or an alcohol free ‘Ningxia SunRISE’. We’ll meet between 6 and 8 pm.  This will be a good opportunity to network, make valuable contacts, strategic alliances, and to meet like-minded new friends.



vip#2 – Add a VIP Ticket Upgrade !!!!

(you will have this option upon checkout of General Admission ticket) Ready for more networking, collaboration opportunities and connections with other amazing VIPs – potential friends, cohorts, and clients? If yes, you’ll want to take advantage of everything the VIP ticket upgrade has to offer:

  • Special private gourmet lunch with Marilee on the first day of the workshop, our treat. Your gourmet lunch will be waiting for you in the lovely private dining room when we break and you will have the opportunity to connect with some incredible entrepreneurs and new friends. No driving, parking, lines, or rushing to get in and out of the local eateries in time!
  • Advanced VIP access to our event room daily
  • Special event recognition
  • Special appearance at the Fashion Show
  • 3 bonus open Q & A calls with Marilee after the workshop (Priceless!)

bonusYour VIP Ticket includes… a BONUS training on Monday night: “How to Create and Monetize Your Own Video E-Course” This option will show you how to easily put together your own short e-course and add video to make it a ‘Video E-Course’!  Whether you use this e-course for promotion or a product, using video in your courses puts you ‘on the map’ much more than other experts in your field – and Video Sells! People who watch videos are more confident about purchasing!   You will learn:

  • How to decide on your course content
  • How to map out course length and time
  • How to script out what you say and do on the videos
  • How to upload your video and share it in your emails to deliver the course
  • What equipment and software you need (minimal!!)

**You will purchase your VIP Ticket upon checkout of your General Admission Ticket

Which of these two ticket packages do YOU most want?


What’s Included  General    Admission   VIP   Upgrade 
Admission to 3-Day Event bullet_tick-(2) bullet_tick-(2)
Opportunity to Bring a Friend for $97 (General Admission) bullet_tick-(2) bullet_tick-(2)
Continental Breakfast and Delicious Beverages All 3 Days bullet_tick-(2) bullet_tick-(2)
Your Own Personal Workbook Filled with Course Content, Templates, Checklists, Samples bullet_tick-(2) bullet_tick-(2)
Access to BONUS Tuesday Evening Training on “How to Create and Monetize Your Own Video E-Course Not Included bullet_tick-(2)
Special Private Gourmet Lunch with Marilee on Day One Not Included bullet_tick-(2)
Advanced Session Entry Not Included bullet_tick-(2)
Priority Seating Not Included bullet_tick-(2)
Event VIP Recognition and Fun Surprises Not Included bullet_tick-(2)
3 Bonus Q & A Calls with Marilee After the Workshop Not Included bullet_tick-(2)



Plus, You Can Bring a Friend For Just


4Why not invite a friend, colleague, member of your team or even your spouse to attend The Rise and Shine Online Event 2014 with you? This way, you can get to travel with someone you know and share this amazing workshop with the people who support you the most (I’ve seen first hand how critical this can be to supporting your success). NOTE: The Bring a Friend Option is available on the “thank you” page that you will see once you reserve your workshop ticket.


Our 30/60/90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


I’m so confident that what you will learn at this workshop will give you what you need to take you to the next level of your work online and RISE that if, at the end of the first day, you feel like I’m not delivering what is promised  here on this page, you can choose to turn in all of your materials, leave the event, and ask for a full 100% REFUND.

No questions asked…that is my guarantee!



Are You In?


bullet_tick-(2)Yes, Marilee. I am ready to learn step-by-step how to share my message to the masses that include simple online video, so I can authentically bring my message to the masses, make a difference, and more more money!


Your Risk-Free Options…
(all options available when you click the “Register Me Now” Button!)

General Admission Ticket

Pay in Full at $497
(or 3 payments of $182)

VIP Ticket

Add VIP Upgrade – Pay in Full Only $197 Limited Time VIP


 Attending the RISE and Shine Online Event 2014 is for you if you are: 

mt-magenta A New or Budding Entrepreneur who want to jump on the bandwagon and swiftly learn this proven model of marketing so you can catch up to the winners in your industry who are already making money doing what you want to do

mt-magenta A Seasoned Practitioner or Business Owner who is ready for the next level by learning to incorporate more ways to leverage what you are already doing – and who wants to bring in more video into their marketing and educational training and materials

mt-magenta Ready to tackle, head on, your fears of getting yourself out there and visible on line and are ready for that next step

mt-magenta Needing to address your fear of success and take a look at the universal issue of “comfort in staying small” and want a gentle boost to get you OUT of your comfort zone

mt-magenta Want an arena for self-growth that will stretch you, challenge you, excite you, and help you tap your inner strength that will carry you on this entrepreneurial path

mt-magenta Deciding you don’t want to wait any longer to finally get your work out there – you are tired of just thinking about it year after year and not doing anything – you are deciding – NOW is the time!

mt-magenta Want to ‘ride this wave’ of the Feminine Energy that is surfacing – this is the year of Empowerment for Women!

mt-magenta Want to spend 3 days in a Sacred Space of Entrepreneurial Sisterhood (even if you’re a guy!) with like-minded people who ‘hold the space’ for your dreams and support your process

mt-magenta Want to learn to offer your services in a way that takes you out of the dollars for hours model and into creating and selling packages – so you can have better results for your clients/patients/customers, and more money for you!

mt-magenta Interested in having a step by step process shown to you so you can learn to leverage yourself on the internet

So, think about where you are in your work and life right now. Are you going to let ANOTHER year go by again not turning those dreams into a reality?    Isn’t it finally time to get the PLAN for exactly HOW you are going to take your ‘work in the world’ and your life to where you want it? Are you ready for me to lay out, Step-by-Step, exactly how I regularly enjoy 5-figure months in my business(es) [yes, I have multiple streams – and you can too!] so that you can take the same strategies and tools and do the same thing in your work and life? I am so ready to share it all with you, and SO excited to do it LIVE and in-person!!! Let’s do it!

Marilee Tolen | TheRISEeventWith much Love and Success, 


Marilee Tolen RN
Your Marketing Mentor and Lifestyle Coach

P.S. Don’t forget, this purchase comes with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to you! I fully guarantee it – at the end of the first day of the event, if you don’t think I’ve delivered on everything promised, you can turn in your workbook and receive a prompt refund for the event.

P.P.S. I’m handing over my entire plan–the exact marketing system that I use every day in my own business that keeps it running like a well-oiled machine, my connection with ideal prospects, clients and customers, my time management systems, my team building techniques, my video vignettes, and little tips on how I keep my peace of mind intact! I will share with you EVERYTHING you need  to know about healthy perspectives of money, turning your passion into profits, leveraging the Internet, getting clients consistently, getting going with online video, and how you can package your offerings to earn thousands more dollars per month!

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget–this event is 100% tax-deductible (just check with you accountant), so you have nothing to lose!

Still Undecided?

Ask me any question about the workshop and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.


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"Before working with Marilee, I was struggling to pay for all the expenses of running a continuing educational program; the tuition did not cover expenses. Marilee helped me develop more sources of income that eased the cash flow problems. Then I was able to see the light and start planning on how I was going to let go of administration so that I could concentrate on what I enjoy the most--writing and doing teleseminars.

If it hadn't have been for Marilee's direction, I would still be doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome. I have now directed my first successful retreat with another one on the schedule. I made $25K extra income by selling ebooks I had already written by putting them out as a special deal with a deadline to buy. I made 17K in one week by advertising a teleseminar series that I hadn't even written as yet! That went on to be very successful and I still have not put all those materials out for purchase. With these successes to boost the continuing educational programs, I was finally able to decide to sell those programs and move on to less stressful ways of enjoying what I do in life.

Marilee has the ability to challenge you to pull out your greatest gifts and she has the connections and resources to point you in the right directions. I am now in the process of developing a new corporation, one concentrated on my gifts without taxing me to fulfill all the demands of an educational program."

~Donna Brook, FNP-BC, AHN-BC

"Before I started working with Marilee, I was completely frustrated with my career. I was working three jobs and at the same time, trying to develop my private practice, without success. I knew that I had the ability to utilize my credentials and certifications, but I didn't even know where to begin.

Since I started working with Marilee, I not only have a brand new business, and a gorgeous website, I have a solid plan to help my business to get off the ground and thrive.

Marilee helped me to build a solid team of professionals to assist me in launching my business which saved me a tremendous amount of time and frustration by helping me with some of the more tedious tasks.

My advice to those thinking of working with Marilee… Don't waste any more time thinking about it! Whether you are looking to start a business or grow an existing business, Marilee knows intuitively what you need to succeed and will guide you through each step in the process."

~ Peggy Gleason RN, MS NHD, Wellness Coach for Professional Women Professional Integrative Health Coach Duke Integrative Medicine Foundation Program

"Before working with Marilee, I was struggling… I took numerous programs in hopes of getting my business to the next level. I was tired of striving and ending up in the same place.

Now, with Marilee’s help, I believe in myself; I feel more confident. I realize "I am enough" and bring value to women. I have gained more knowledge about marketing in 4 months than I had in 4 years. I realized how marketing as a health professional is different and learned through Marilee what works. I have noticed a wonderful feeling of hope and gratitude and now enjoy marketing!

After learning how to effectively promote my eBook, over 50 people requested a copy in less than 2 days! My business FB page had 94 likes in only a week and grows each day.

As soon as you talk to Marilee, you will feel her genuine authenticity and sincerity of wanting to help you. And take it from me – I have tried many programs and interviewed many coaches. I knew in less than 5 minutes- Marilee was a fit!

My deepest gratitude each day for Marilee – that the universe presented this amazing person to guide me to be able to help more professional women who make a difference in the world, make a difference in their own lives."

~ Sara Scheller RN, BSN, CPN, CCRN Certified Holistic Health Coach-AADP

"Before Marilee, I was stuck, overwhelmed & confused. I was at the beginning stages of creating a business and just finishing school as a certified health coach. I wanted to create an income doing what I love-aside from bedside nursing.

I've seen changes in me and my life and business since working with Marilee: more direction in my business life, more direction in business-making decisions (when to say NO to things that would not serve me), and more confidence. I've revised my website and created marketing materials.

Marilee’s program has given me a firm ground to propel me forward. Her energy, know-how and support is unmatched. I felt as though she gently guided me toward finding my own motivation for doing things while giving me important tips on how to do so."

~ Cherry Pfau, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, HTP

"Before working with Marilee, I was struggling to get my business plan completed and I didn't know what I needed to do first to make my dream a reality.

Now, I am more focused and I have been able to complete my business plan and make major strides toward making my business a reality. Marilee is great at helping you set your goals and pushing you to meet them.

I have been able to actually get my business up and running in the last 6 months, thanks to Marilee. I have been working on it for 2 years, but not accomplishing much until I started my coaching relationship with Marilee.

Marilee has a very positive approach to coaching. She helps you to move forward in a positive way and be successful. She will kick you in the butt when you need it, but in a nice way!"

~ Wayne Mesiano, MS, L. Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist (Five Element Style) Tai Chi Instructor Zero Balancing Practitioner Essential Oil AromaTherapy Consultant Certified Stress Management Educator

"There is a saying; "The Main Thing is to Keep the Main Thing… The Main Thing." The Main Thing Marilee drives home is "List Building." The specific change in myself is focused attention and intention on "List Building." Consider "EVERYONE" as a potential client, take no one for granted, and just send the email out and get started NOW.

Since working with Marilee, I have created monthly essential oil / aromatherapy meeting/classes, which have spawned interest in the oils for self care and how to order for continued education and home use. I created an email marketing class for half day retreats in my office waiting room to share my skills in Five Element Acupuncture Eastern Philosophy for personal growth and transformation also using Young Living Essential Oils in the program. From generating an increase (giving myself a raise) in my office fees, the essential oil classes and the retreats, I project a future increase in revenue from $7,000 to 10,000 annually. My favorite new mantra from Marilee is "Strategize to Monetize." And to do this exuding care, respect and genuine, authentic compassion for people.

The half day retreats are my biggest success right now. Not just monetarily, but to establish myself as a true consultant when I venture out to create a track record of teaching and then assigning a value to request speaking fees as appropriate. Plus it forced me to get my act together (literally) and organize my information for the flow of the presentation. This is a combination of using email marketing and actually working with people in a live, in-person audience.

Through working with Marilee, I realize that the projects I acted on yielded a learning curve experience that did result in more connection with clients, plus income.

Marilee has taken the path less traveled in the internet marketing world. Now a master and expert, she is leaving us the arrows to follow. Just follow, pay attention, drop all excuses, do your best and act on one venture NOW!"

Here are some people who attended RISE last year and what they have to say...

Alison Davis, RN, The Juice Nurse Wilmington, NC
Linda Smith RN, MSN,AHN-BC, HTCP, HTSM-CP/I, CCA, Founder: Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy Arvada, CO
Donna Brook, RN, FNP, Holistic Clinical Specialist, Founder: Juicy Living For Women Great Neck NY
Sandy Rakowitz, Founder: One Heart Healing Center for People and Animals Charlottesville, VA
Marian Long, RN, MSN, AHN-BC, Holistic Nurse Coach / Consultant Grayling, MI
Evelyn Olson, RN
River Vale, NJ
Janet Bowen, RN, FNP, Founder: Natural Hormone Balancing Woodruff WI
Quin Stringham, Natural Healer, Aromatherapist & Young Living Distributor Carlisle, PA
Kate Brown, Certified Aromatherapist, Instructor ISHA Program Utica, IL
Kitty Holzmer, Occupational Therapist and Healer Cape May Court House NJ
Pat Springer, RN, Nurse Educator, Healer Mason, OH 
Susan Cannais, RN, LMT, Compassionate Touch Practitioner Southern, NJ
Anne Khoury, Founder: Mind, Body, Spirit Expo Philadelphia Philadelphia PA
Anne Brown, RN, Holistic Specialist, Founder:  Mystic Heart Healing Bannockburn, IL
Donna Meyer, Founder: Awakenings Connection Marton, NJ 
Carol Ann DeSimine, Founder: Big Eye Media Sewell, NJ
Susan Walker, The Brain Coach Parkesburg, PA
Jean Oswald, RN, Certified Aromatherapist, Owner: Compassionate Consulting Pennfield, NY
Vivian Joy Lamadrid, RN, BSN, CCRN, CAPA, CPAN, HTPa
Chicago, IL
Linda Applegate
Carlisle, PA
Carol Jannain, Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner San Diego, CA
Marilyn Stulb, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor Suffolk, VA
Connie Cox, RN, Energy Healer, Young Living Essential Oils Consultant for People and Animals Port S. Lucie, FL
Diane Hardies, Shiatsu Therapist Marlton, NJ 
Janice Skeens, Young Living Oils Consultant Atco, NJ 
Dr. Joanna Carmichael, RN, Founder: Kalyana Center Narberth, PA 
Lois Brown, Owner: The Princeton Center for Hypnosis Titusville, NJ